Safety Tips: Watches and Warnings

May 7, 2018


Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watch:

Watch means that tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are possible, but there is no immediate danger. Remain alert for approaching storms. Remain alert to signs of an approaching storm and seek shelter if the skies become threatening.


Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warning:

Warning means a tornado or thunderstorm has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Danger exists in these situations and you should move to a place of safety. Severe storms may bring damaging winds, flooding rains, hail and lightening. Stay away from windows and doors during severe storms. Lightening poses one of the greatest thunderstorm risks. If lightening is present do not stand close to large trees or anything made of metal. Stay lower than your surroundings.


Whether you are impacted by a tornado or a thunderstorm, take all precautionary measures to ensure you remain safe.


What to do in the event of a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning while at work:

Proceed to the closest storm shelter. Look for this placard…

In most manufacturing facilities, the bathroom is where the severe weather shelter is located. Stay in the shelter location until you receive the “All Clear” that it is safe to leave. Then you may safely return to work.


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