Invest in Your Professional Development

May 4, 2018

Whether we like it or not, employees are judged on their capabilities and compared to peers. And, unlike the golden school days, workplace goalposts keep moving. This may be due to new technology, customer demand, legislation, management changes or any number of reasons.


There is a strong correlation between learning and sustained employment. Employees that undertake learning are more comfortable with organizational change and have a competitive edge. Candidates demonstrating interest in personal development are likely to be seen as motivated, engaged and apt to bring continuous improvement to the workplace.


Although many equate professional development with certifications or degrees, there are other routes. For example, reading. Maybe an industry text book is not your idea of a good read. Professional journals, e-newsletters, online forums or a blog may be better suited for what little      free time you actually have.

Invest time and energy in yourself and enjoy some of the suggested reads below.


The views or opinions expressed  are those of the authors and do     not necessarily reflect the        official policy or position of  Sustained Quality Group. 


Shopfloor Blog:  The policy and politics that impact manufacturing.

Manufacturing.Net:  News, commentary and analysis pertaining to any manufacturing.

American Manufacturing:  Almost daily posted articles regarding American manufacturing.

Manufacturing Business Technology: News and technology solutions for manufacturing. 

How Stuff Works: Trending, basics to quirky, learn how stuff works.

State manufacturing associations:  Stay current with your regional events and news.


Do you have a read to suggest? Share in the comment section below.

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