Must-Haves in Car for Winter

January 12, 2018

Once every year it comes. Winter. It is not a surprise. But, how many of you have all the items you may need if stuck in your car during cold and dangerous road conditions? 


It goes without saying, you should have your car gasoline tank full and know how to change a tire, jump start your car, change belts/hoses and fill the car's fluids. 


In an emergency, the items below could save a life. Hopefully, one of the items has you saying, "I did not think of that."


You will need a strong storage bin to get started.  


Note:  Unless you have access to your trunk from inside your vehicle, store items inside of car in case trunk gets jammed or frozen.  Additionally, it is safer to stay inside of your vehicle.


First Aid Kit                                                    Water and Non-Perishable Food

Three Day Supply of Prescriptions                Non-Electric Can Opener

Blankets                                                         Paper Plates/Bowls/Cups

Flash Light and Extra Batteries                      Plastic Spoons, Forks, Knives

Headband Light and Extra Batteries              Umbrella

Whistle to Signal for Help                               Pet's Food and Bowl(s)

Cat Litter for Traction                                     Fix-a-Flat

Cell Phone Charger/Battery Booster              Jumper Cables

Trash Bags                                                     Windshield Washer Fluid

Toilet Paper and Napkins                               Hand Sanitizer

Change of Clothes, Boots, Socks,Gloves,...  Antifreeze   

Ice Scrapper and Shovel                                Fire Extinguisher 

Lighter and Matches                                       Hazard Triangles

Battery Powered Radio                                  Road Flares

Duct Tape                                                       Multi-Tool

Hand Saw                                                       Scissors   

550 Cord                                                         Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Playing Cards, Games, Books                        Towels


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