2017 Good News In Review

December 28, 2017

It is days away from the start of a new year. Everyone says, "Happy New Year" and, at times, it is not always easy to find. Below are 12 inspirational 2017 news bits. SQ Group hopes these events serve as a reminder to seek the positive in the world around you and to have a very Happy New Year.


January 2017:

The Taco Stop restaurant located in Dallas set-up "Take One, Leave One" coat rack for homeless. 



















February 2017:

A 74 year-old Iowa mechanic offered up his own vehicle to stranger whose car broke down on way to funeral in Wisconsin.



















March 2017:

A 70 year-old woman ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. During her training she continued to work 10-hour days.























April 2017:

A couple wanting to remain anonymous in Waikiki tipped a waitress that they had never met $400 and paid $10,000 of her student debt because the waitress was working double shifts and could not afford to return to school.




















May 2017:

A 22 year-old British man that was awarded $10,000 for stopping an international cyber-attack donated the cash to charity and education.  




















June 2017:

A man passed away and left an animal shelter that he never visited $275,000. He had no children and decided an animal shelter was a worthy cause.























July 2017:

An Oklahoma police officer with three children of his own adopted two abused siblings after investigating their case.






















August 2017:

An eight year-old California boy watched a video about fundraising and decided he could start a campaign to raise money to buy his best friend a much needed wheelchair. Photo: Paul and Kamden/GoFundMe.





























September 2017:

A woman traveled almost 30 miles to purchase a generator for her father's oxygen pump to run during Florida's Hurricane Irma and was told that the final unit went to the person standing in front of her in line. She broke down and cried. A stranger saw her crying and insisted that she take his.




















October 2017:

In Poland, three teenagers were caught on security camera placing a quilt over a homeless man on bench before tucking him in.


















November 2017:

A Holocaust survivor indebted to American troops donated $1 Million to organizations that help wounded U.S. veterans. "Even though more than 70 years have passed since my rescue, it's not too late to give back."



















December 2017:

A man pulled over on highway to save wild rabbit from a California wildfire.

Photo: RMG News.











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