Should You Apply for Job If Under Qualified?

May 22, 2017

There is a difference between under qualified and unqualified. Few people are going to match every qualification of a job post. Employment ads are often an employer's wish list. Consider applying for a job that you are under qualified for if you meet some of the following criteria.


You are an 80-90% match.

Pay attention to the order in which the qualifications are listed in post as they are usually in order of importance. Consider bridging the gap. Mention skills learned in the industry that can carry over to another. "I have the experience in Y, and even though it is not called for in the job description, it is going to help me excel in this role, because..."


You have an impressive background.

Mention if your industry has issued you an award for excellence or you have completed special training or certifications. Companies like to see that you are willing to work on career advancement beyond your work day. It is not always that clear cut. You may juggle an enormous work load and at the same time stay highly organized and generally indispensable to prove you will learn quickly.


You can sell the fact that you can add value to the company.

It is not enough to just say you will add value. Show how you would tackle the challenges of the position with written words or even a slide deck. It will show you are serious about the role. For example, if you negotiated contracts that saved money for company equivalent to 15% of your salary, if may be worth mentioning.


You know someone internally.

Do not forget the power of networking, but stay clear of contacting company representatives through social media. A referral from someone at the target company you have worked with in the past goes a long way.


You are okay with rejection.

Staying positive is part of the battle. If a rejection or two will damage your morale, maybe you should not apply for a position to which you may be under qualified.  


You never know whether you will get the job or not if you do not try. Attempt to find that dream job that seems to be a little out of reach. 


Good luck with your job hunt and call EHD Tech at 615-953-1907 to give you added assistance.


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