55 Achievement Ideas to Boost Resume

February 10, 2017


Why is this list important?


To do a great job selling yourself, a resume needs to convince readers that you have the skills needed for their job and the abilities to do it successfully. By highlighting accomplishments using action verbs, you create a proven track record to eliminate all doubt.




You Successfully….


  1. Managed company/department annual/quarterly budget of X (large) amount

  2. Stayed under budget for X quarters/years

  3. Were promoted

  4. Were promoted after only X months in the role

  5. Directed a team/group/organization (something difficult to manage)

  6. Managed a project spanning X countries/continents/employees

  7. Placed employees at X companies

  8. Trained X new employees

  9. Built a new team/division (not just hiring, also managing the workflow) for the company

  10. Redesigned and implemented more effective company procedures which e.g. decreased time-to-market by X amount/%

  11. Met deadlines consistently

  12. Reined in roller-coaster project X

  13. Supervised large/complex project in attaining goal X

  14. Grew customer base by X amount/%

  15. Cut costs by X amount/% within Y amount of time

  16. Launched X new products/campaigns

  17. Increased portfolio earnings by X amount/%

  18. Integrated an extremely complex system for the company

  19. United multiple teams post-merger

  20. Finished sales quota X amount of time early

  21. Reduced client/reader attrition by X amount/%

  22. Met X national/global/industry standard within Y amount of time

  23. Streamlined team/department operations

  24. Improved ties with country/industry association/union

  25. Boosted earnings by X amount/%

  26. Implemented a service level agreement

  27. Won X number of cases

  28. Published X articles/white papers/reports/books

  29. Received X award/designation

  30. Won X award/competition for Y consecutive years

  31. Attained X certification

  32. Finished in the top X percentile of your class/course

  33. Reached X objective(s) every quarter for Y quarters in a row

  34. Reached X objective(s) faster than competitor (internal/external)

  35. Discovered X new trends

  36. Coined well-known industry term

  37. Created X program/course/methodology

  38. Founded X company/non-profit/association/club

  39. Solved X disputes (for a negotiator)

  40. Resolved X internal conflicts

  41. Received score of X (high) on known customer satisfaction survey/poll

  42. Received score of X (high) on standardized testing/exam

  43. First person to achieve X (or led first team to achieve X) internally/externally

  44. Something you created, won an award/was a bestseller

  45. Voted best/most something by association/club/group

  46. Featured in website/magazine/newspaper/book

  47. Held a perfect attendance record

  48. Introduced company products to X new markets

  49. Audited X number of clients in only Y amount of time

  50. Piloted X program with a Y % participant completion rate

  51. Advanced (non-profit) organization policy

  52. Fixed X amount / % of bugs in company software/open-source project

  53. Presented at well-known conference/seminar/workshop

  54. Did something that was viewed/used by many people

  55. Achieved/Surpassed company/team goal of doing X by Y amount




Be prepared to explain how you achieved your results, how an award was decided, etc. For example, numbers give more credibility to your statements but only use them if you can explain how they were measured.


Using these ideas should help you avoid making ambiguous statements where trust is required but not easily acquired, such as in a job interview.


Share, Jacob (2017). "60 Big Acheivment Ideas and Expressions to Boost Your Resume". Retrieved from https://jobmob.co.il/blog/resume-achievement-writing-ideas-expressions/.

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