Tip of the Month

August 19, 2016


Whether you are renting a car or driving your own, keep the following tips in mind for safe travels. 


First and foremost, do not forget to lock your car at all times. Something as simple as a locked door or keeping all bags, coats, etc. in the trunk may deter a thief. Another reason to lock doors is because of

high tech thieves. High tech thieves use improvised electronic devices that can recreate the same signals as vehicle key fobs. These devices give access to your car without the trouble of breaking a window or jimmying a lock. To disable such devices, press the key fob lock button several times after exiting vehicle. While this is unsettling to have your car invaded or possibly stolen, it is not life threatening. 


A real danger lies in hackers taking over your car’s computer. A hacker that has taken over your car can accelerate, brake, manipulate your dashboard and roll windows up and down. Deter this from happening by having your car serviced by companies you trust, do not plug-in smart devices into vehicle USB(s) and, do not sink your electronic devices to rental cars.


Lastly, it seems simple, but, ALWAYS walk around a car in search of animals or children before driving away and look around the inside of a vehicle before walking away from a locked car.  

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