Community Relations

The Always Here Initiative

SQ Group takes pride in serving the communities our team members call home. As such, we wanted to give back in a way that would involve as many team members as possible and allow them to make a real impact on the lives of children who are struggling through a difficult and challenging time.


With The Always Here Initiative, SQ Group was able to impact the lives of 3,000 children in 14 hospitals across 7 states. In the video below, Michael Claudio, COO describes the motivation behind The Always Here Initiative and how you can get involved.


To learn more about The Always Here Initiative and the work that went into the project, Click Here to watch the full  

length video.



Volunteering and Donating

Volunteering for local charities, youth sports teams and civic organizations is a key message of our work-life integration.  In addition to volunteering time, we identify local organizations who provide much needed services to our communities.  We encourage our team members to engage in supporting these activities, and we provide financial contributions to support their efforts.


"To whom much is given, much is required." We know that giving time and resources to local charities goes a long way in helping serve our fellow man, and helps our team members live happier and healthier lives.

Some Organizations Our Team Supports

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