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"Hey guys we were in a meeting earlier with Tim who spoke very highly of Sustained Quality-EHD, "They are the best if not the bench mark for GP12 that I have seen in the containment business and I'm encouraging all my suppliers to use them." was his exact words. Good job, it's very difficult to get a recommendation from those guys like that."

-Quality Manager



Good morning, sir.  I had a chance to follow up with our customer.  In 3 months we successfully helped another company get removed from     Q-Help 2. This is something we were not able to accomplish in a year and six months prior to SQ taking over. 


During this time, we helped our customer go defect free under our scope of work. We also assisted in leveling up their internal Q-gate to a satisfactory standard, capable of maintaining excellence in performance. 


They are pushing for SQ Group to be allowed to support other activity.  Today we are replacing the lost hours with a new 7 person project.


Sharing the "wins..."



Stephen" (SQ Group Employee)

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